Friday, May 03, 2013

Poetry Friday -- Cats

Photo by Yathin S Krishnappa, on Wikimedia Commons

by Marge Piercy


You feed me, I try to feed you, we are friends,
says the cat, although I am more equal than you.
Can you leap twenty times the height of your body?
Can you run up and down trees? Jump between roofs?

by Anonymous

Quick! quick!
The cat's been sick.

(the whole poem is here, but be forewarned, it includes a disgusting but accurate description of cat behavior)

The Poetry Foundation has a whole collection of cat poems here.

Liz Steinglass has the Poetry Friday roundup today.


  1. Anonymous10:36 AM

    Yay for cats! :) Happy Friday to you.

  2. May is for Meowing! Thanks for sharing, Mary Lee. Get thee hence to see Diane's offering at Random Noodling today, too - our feline friends should feel well represented today.

  3. Oh yes, they are "more equal." It is true. And they know it.
    Cats are in the air today.

  4. Love the more equal than you line, and the superior tone. And the ending of the second poem made me laugh (maybe I should not admit that?)

  5. Ohh, I love that pic! And the poems,too.

  6. I miss having a cat-ever interesting, & yes, sometimes disgusting! Love this, however: "Love speaks me entire, a word/of fur." Thank you Mary Lee! (Miss our writing in the am!)

  7. I had to read the second one out loud to my children...too funny.

  8. Cats! Learned so much today, being that I am a dog person who has little experience with cats. Thank you! =)

  9. I'm not really a cat person but I love the poems. Thank you! (Visiting late this weekend...)

  10. Mary Lee, I like your selection.

    I always go running quick, quick, so I don't end up stepping on a hairball when I get up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night!


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