Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Bugs in my Hair!

Bugs in My Hair!
by David Shannon
Blue Sky Press, 2013

**itches head**

Every teacher needs this book for her/his classroom. Buy it in honor of all the past, present and future students who discover to their great horror that there are bugs in their hair, feasting on their blood and having a "Lice-a-palooza!"

**itch itch**

Leave it to David Shannon to demystify a common childhood malady with some facts and a whole bunch of humor (both in the text and the illustrations -- my favorite is the closeup of the nit comb scraping those little buggers off every strand of the kid's red hair).

**itch itch**


  1. As someone who's had to go through the whole de-licing thing with girls who have EXTREMELY thick and curly hair, I truly appreciate a book seeing the humorous side of this EXTREMELY annoying malady!

  2. Stop! Now my head is itching!


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