Saturday, November 16, 2013

Celebrate This Week!

Discover. Play. Build.

A few quick celebrations from the week! So fun that this is already the 5th week of this great tradition--one I already look forward to each Saturday! I try to spend lots of time reading others' celebrations linked at Ruth Ayres Writes as it reminds me there are so many reasons to celebrate!

We got lots of comments to last week's Celebrate This Week post and I used to choose the winner of the Trashy Crafter's Dr. Seuss necklace. And the winner is.....#5! Congratulations Leigh Anne!

For some reason, I haven't found much time to bake this year.  But I baked a basic muffin/cupcake recipe that's been in our family for years.  My grandfather used to like them every day and so they were always around.  It is one of those quick recipes that is easy to make and that everyone in the family seems to love. I have one cupcake pan that I've used for these for years and I only use it for these (they don't work well for many other muffins and cupcakes.) As I was making them, I couldn't help but celebrate how lucky I am that I grew up with baking (grandmothers, mothers, aunts). Everyone has their own recipes and then there are a few that we all love and make.  Love this!

I discovered this great Ted Talk which I love as it makes learning something (anything) new seem doable!

I love Battle Bunny but just discovered this Book Trailer this week

I got lots accomplished this week.  The week leading up to NCTE is always busy with sub plans, report cards, getting presentation together, etc.  I feel like I am almost ready!

I did a podcast with Angela Maiers for Choice Literacy several weeks ago. It was published today in Choice Literacy's Big Fresh. It was nice to revisit the podcast as I have been thinking so much about all that Angela talked about.

I have been thinking lots about Genius Hour and plan to start it in a few weeks with my 3rd graders. I love that I sent out a question and got so many responses from people with links to help me think through the idea!  So exciting to see all that people are doing around this idea.  (I started a Pinterest Board on the topic to help collect thinking but haven't had time to add much yet.)

One of my students asked me for the Slice of Life logo for one of her Kidblogs posts! I love that kids are seeing so many of the things I share with them as  the invitations and possibilities for their own learning lives.

The kids did October's Solve It Your Way! in the classroom on Friday.  It was amazing. Their thinking was amazing, their collaboration was amazing, the growth since the first Solve It Your Way was so clear! It was joyful learning. It was AMAZING.  I couldn't capture everything that was happening but one group decided to videotape their experiment.  So much to celebrate in their video!


  1. Thank you Franki for the Dr. Seuss necklace. I am so excited to see it. Trashy Crafters is really neat. I was amazed at all the ways to creatively reuse stuff. Have a great week!

  2. Woohooo:-) Email me your address here: ayearofreading at earthlink dot net

  3. I just watched the Ted Talk you shared. For a second time this week I came across the idea that you have to set a routine, a regular schedule to practice something, anything, to learn a skill or develop a habit.
    I like that you included baking celebration in your post. I think that so much love and memories are part of family recipes.

  4. Franki, loved your post, especially your third grade scientists. Their explanation was wonderful! Did they have to write up their results? I would love to see how the oral and written explanations compared! Hope you shared this with parents- definitely a keeper. Have a blast at NCTE! Soooo wish I could go!

  5. I loved the phrase "invitations and possibilities". It is exciting to hear that a third grader wanted the slice image! Finding time to bake or prepare something special for my family is always a special celebration for me as well.

  6. So many fun celebrations! I love the Battle Bunny book trailer, that kiddo is hilarious. You make me want to bake now...maybe I'll have to this week before I abandon my sweet little family for NCTE...or maybe when I get back I'll make muffins and pancakes and other yummy foods. So excited to catch up at NCTE! :)


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