Monday, November 04, 2013

Looking Forward to These Books: November!

Lots of great new books coming out in November! These are those I am most excited about right now! I am so behind on my reading that I am sure there are lots more that I'm missing!?

 by Donalyn Miller

 by Ruth Ayres with Christi Overman

God Got a Dog by Cynthia Rylant

Fossil by Bill Thompson

The Sign Painter by Allen Say


  1. These look like great choices. I just found my writers calendar, reminding me to set goals, and November's suggestion is to read at least 2 books this month. That's a hefty goal for me, with my work schedule! AND, Christmas projects are calling.

  2. They sound fabulous! Thanks.

  3. All look wonderful, waiting for some already, but that Allen Say book surely is terrific. Thanks, Franki

  4. Oh my goodness - so many more new books I must have - I guess I better hope for a snow day soon - but maybe after report cards and conferences are done so I can really put it to best use.


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