Saturday, January 25, 2014


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Today I'm celebrating Belgian food and responsible attribution of Creative Commons photos found on Flickr.

Last night, my friend Lisa forwarded me an email from her friend asking, "Is this your Mary Lee Hahn?" (click to enlarge -- see photo attribution)

Yup. That's my photo. That's AJ's hand. That's the waffle we shared when we were in Belgium in 2011.

Here's the full article in the Huffington Post. We ate 9 of those 13 foods while we were there. Some of them multiple times...can you guess which? My Belgian Food set on Flickr is here.

And this is why I'm so diligent in teaching my students to use Wikimedia Commons or a Google image search that filters for "labeled for reuse." (click on "search tools" and choose "usage rights.") I can't wait to show them this real life example of responsible use and attribution of Creative Commons images!


  1. Mary Lee,
    You not only teach your students this important skill, you just taught me! I've been adding Creative Commons in the search but that isn't reliable. Didn't know about the search tools. I will teach my students on Monday!

  2. Like Margaret, I learned something about attribution, too. And I also learned that I need to plan for a foodie trip to Belgium sometime soon - YUM!

  3. I lived in Belgium for two years and finished my Bachelor's Degree there. I ate and ate and ate.... and ate. I have a Belgian cookbook called "Everybody Eats Well in Belgium." SO TRUE. Belgium is a carb lover's dream!

  4. Just great all around, the attribution and "your" contribution to the news article-just fun to re-see your memories of the trip, Mary Lee!

  5. Wow! So cool. You never know what will resurface. What a great lesson for your students and mine!! Just so you know this is the second post I've used with my students. Thank you. Thank you.

  6. Very cool and I learned something! Thanks for shaing -- love how you can celebrate and use it to teach!

  7. Mary Lee, very cool! You're's important to teach these skills to our kids. I'm going to share your post with my students this week (whenever we get to school). Have a wonderful week and stay warm.


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