Sunday, January 26, 2014

#Nerdlution Round 2: Lipstick?

As we get ready for Round 2 of #nerdlution, I thought long and hard about #nerdlution as a way to change habits a bit.  Even though I was not successful at Round 1 of #nerdlution, I learned a lot.

#Nerdlution #1
Since I am not so good at doing things every single day (I love days of nothingness:-), I've decided to make exercise 5 days a week part of my #nerdlution goal.  Last week, I ran/walked 3 times and went to 3 yoga classes.  6 is a great week but I know some weeks won't allow me to fit in 3 yoga classes and 3 runs, so 5 seems reasonable.  Right now, I am all about running and yoga but in 50 days, that might change and when I think about big goals, it is about consistent exercise, so I will leave it at that.

#Nerdlution #2
My OLW is "TODAY" and I got a bracelet that I love to help remind me to live in the moment just a little bit more.  I've done a much better job of slowing down in the classroom and I can see more (and happier) learning because I am not always in a rush or rushing the children.  I find that I am a little kinder and more willing to be helpful when I am not in such a hurry and not always moving to the next thing.  I need to continue to live this word a little better outside of school.  The word is making me a kinder person and I like that. So my second #nerdlution is to continue working on this idea of Today.

My bracelet from Hands Free Mamma

#Nerdlution #3
Lipstick. I will put on lipstick (yes, lip gloss counts) every day for 50 days.  This sounds a little shallow I know but it is about taking the time for little things that I've let go slowly over the years.
I've learned that there are times in our life when we have to let things go.  When my kids were little, I stopped wearing earrings for a long while because babies seem to pull at earrings.  When I got Plantar Faciitis a few years ago, I stopped wearing shoes with heels because they hurt and made the injury worse. When I got my concussion last year and was off work for 6 weeks, I started to wear yoga pants and sweatshirts every day.  When life gets busy or things happen that require that I take care of something--family, work, writing, house, etc.--I tend to drop little things that aren't the priority.  Like putting on lipstick in the morning.  When we drop little things, over time though, those little things add up if we don't build them back into our routines.  This is what happens to me and exercise. To me and healthy eating.  To me and lipstick.

Now, I have never been one to refresh my lipstick during the day. I am too busy doing things to remember to reapply lipstick. But there is something about starting the day in a way that is not in a hurry that is good for me.

So, the lipstick is not about how I look really (although I should look a little better!). It's about making a decision to not let little things go because I'm in a hurry and I want to get to the next thing faster.  That the 15 seconds I gain from not putting on lipstick is not going to make me any more productive during the day. If I am going to slow down and enjoy the days, it has to start with the morning, the "getting ready for the day" part.  So, lipstick seems to be a good reminder of that. (And my mother will be oh, so happy at this #nerdlution!)

Looking forward to this round of #Nerdlution. I feel like I learned lots about myself during Round 1 and I am ready to try for some new habits and routines.  And, there is nothing better than the #nerdlution community to cheer you on!


  1. Love the lipstick!

    I, too, thought hard about #nerdlution round 2. Mostly about whether or not to do it at all. My walking 5x/week and writing daily have become habits. YAY! So I knew I would keep those (with no real effort).

    What to add? I wanted to do something that was NOT for me (no offense to your lipstick!). I thought about random acts of kindness, but I want those to come naturally, and not because of a must-do.

    I decided to focus on a professional goal (still ME, primarily, but my students will benefit). My OTES goal is about assessment, analyzing data, and differentiating instruction. I'll spend an uninterrupted hour a week looking at data, and/or reading ASSESSMENTS IN PERSPECTIVE and Shari Frost's new book on assessment.

    Not at all as fun as lipstick!

    But...maybe I'll treat myself with chocolate or caffeine when I settle in for my hour! Maybe this hour a week has to be spent at Starbucks!

    Hey! My #nerdlution just changed from "gotta" to "wanna!" YAY!

  2. Lipstick is my luxury item if I ever get stuck on a desert island. ;-)

  3. Lipstick just makes you feel better. :) (Although, I usually forget to put it on in the morning). Now, I'm off to think about my Nerdlution. Round 1 was not so successful, but I think I learned some things and will try again. I guess we always have to keep trying. Have a good week!

  4. Anonymous10:40 PM

    "...the 15 seconds I gain from not putting on lipstick is not going to make me any more productive during the day." This is applicable to the few minutes I spend making my bed in the morning -- I habit I was not forced to develop growing up. But as an adult I've found it feels oh-so-much-nicer to climb into a tidy/cozy bed at night!

    I wonder how you've managed to slow down in the classroom when there seem to be so many (high-stakes) demands on teachers and students today.

  5. Anonymous12:27 PM

    I think they are great goals. And #3 ties in beautifully with #2. It's about here, now and YOU.

  6. I didn't do well either. I was a major fail. But I am going to try it again. Love the lip gloss!! I bite my lip and need to be better about wearing lip gloss/stick. Good luck.

  7. I love this post Franki! Thanks for your reflections because they are motivating me to join in on this 2nd round of Nerdlution... I dropped out the last time and honestly feel a little embarrassed but your lipstick explanation makes complete sense! I know its a little late but I will begin today! :)


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