Thursday, January 02, 2014

December Mosaic and Cybils Finalists!

Row 1: Impromptu wine and cheese party, just the two of us, on a Saturday afternoon after errands; CFR did charity gift wrap at the Worthington Orvis store three weekends this month; sunset, Worthington Mall after my wrapping shift; toenail surgery.

Row 2: Birthday scarf; birthday cake (featuring buttercream layers and ganache coating--yum!!); there's always one, isn't there?; winter view from the window of Room 228.

Row 3: More Orvis wrappers; ginger at North Market; December flooding in our easement; more Orvis wrappers.

Row 4: Pre-flight tradition at the airport--headed to Mom's for Christmas; sunrise from our back windows in Burlington; the Italian Panettone my brother made (with just a LITTLE butter--yum!!); playing Sequence with Mom.

Row 5: We took Mom's cats to the vet and the 3-legged clinic cat, Tres, supervised the ear cleaning and fur mat removal.

Row 6: One more of Tres; we picked out new glasses frames for Mom; view of Columbus from the plane window; illustrated notes from Diana Nyad TED talk (more on that in another post.

We've been blogging 8 years, and I've been doing these monthly mosaics for 5 of those years. I make a Flickr photoset (this one is here), then go over to the Mosaic Maker at and make the mosaic.

We've been blogging 8 years, and I'm pretty sure one or the other or both of us have been involved in the Cybils every year since their inception in 2006. Franki was a first-round judge in nonfiction this year. The Cybils finalsits have been announced!


  1. Always wonderful to see your mosaic, Mary Lee, & congrats on both the five years and the eight! What a journey you've captured!

  2. Yes, Congrats all around! Here's to an inspiring 2014! :0)


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