Tuesday, April 05, 2016



When Mother's rich uncle in Denver died
and left everything to her,
she took it as a sign

that we were meant to leave
"that dirty farm" and
"those ignorant farm wives" behind.

I missed the class picture,
but Marjorie wrote and told me
how Jack masterminded

a plan to become
as famous as his siblings.
I wish I had been there to remind

him -- be happy with what you are
and what you've got.
Sometimes good enough is just fine.

©Mary Lee Hahn, 2016


  1. This is an amazing project, Mary Lee. When I was teaching reading in an elementary school, I created a project called Daily Life in NYS to let the children understand the past to inform their present. We examined historical artifacts packaged in vintage trucks. Your project reminds me of this authentic way of learning. I will jump in when I can because this is powerful. Voice Matters. Your voice comes out as you take on the different characters.

  2. Moral to the poem: Sometimes good enough is just fine. (How true!)

  3. So rich already, Mary Lee - and, as Carol says, way to capture "voice"!

  4. So touching. This one breaks my heart....


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