Saturday, April 02, 2016



Over mama's shoulder
I see Jack, cornering
a shoat in the corral.

He's going to show
how he can hold
it up by the hooves.

Henry's watching, also.
Jack, do you know he idolizes you?
Watches your every move?

©Mary Lee Hahn, 2016


  1. So interesting the way you take the focus off the focal point of the picture. Nice.

  2. Oh that hair! And yes, what Doraine chose to imagine what Lizzy was focusing on instead.

  3. Oh, you do bring Lizzy (And those boys! And that pig!) to life in this poem. I feel like she's really saying this, ML. And I know it doesn't matter...but do you know ANYTHING about these people? And does what you know connect to the poem at all? So neat. x

    1. Amy, I love that my fiction is real enough to be believable!

      I have no idea who "Lizzy" was, or where the picture was taken. That's the mystery of many of these photos -- how did they end up in a drawer in our basement? The character Jack is probably one of my dad's cousins, and the upcoming character Lewis is actually my dad. But the story? All fiction!

  4. I came to this one after reading Henry's poem. What an interesting dynamic you have going here, Mary Lee!

  5. The power of the story developing already here on the 2nd must be vast, that you could avoid writing about Lizzy's hair at all. Way to let yourself be led into a miracle!


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