Sunday, April 10, 2016



Got a photo postcard today
from my brother who stayed
back on the old place

north of Concordia
when the rest of us moved to Colorado.
Looks like they've got no complaints.

"Richard on Eds shoulder,
he couldn't look out. Mrs. and myself
in our oats field, it made 62 bu."

We watch the clouds build up in the west,
watch them pass by our fields,
watch them continue east to deliver their rain.

It's sure enough dry here -- nearly desert.
But there's a beauty in it, and we are learning
to lean into the wind and weather. We'll stay.

©Mary Lee Hahn, 2016


  1. Your project this month is reminding me of my third grade teacher. Each month she gave us a picture (many were Norman Rockwell pieces) and we had to write fictional story based on the picture. I loved doing those - I had completely forgotten about it until your project. It is a really cool way of thinking about topic generation.
    I love checking in each day - seeing your photo and where you take it!

  2. learning to lean into the wind and weather is a lifelong task, isn't it? Thanks for your poem!

  3. Love the matter-of-fact description on the back of the photo postcard. And your beautiful words:
    " . . . we are learning
    to lean into the wind and weather. We'll stay."

  4. I'm loving your project Mary Lee. Makes me wonder about pictures hidden in drawers and the stories they might hold.

  5. "...we are learning to lean into the wind and the weather."



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