Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Continuing to Study Issues of Race and Diversity

A few weeks ago, I committed to studying to learn about the race issues in our country.  I know that many of us have this same goal--to better understand what is happening so that we can work to create change.  Over the last few weeks I have read several articles that have helped me in different ways. Some are articles that helped me understand the issues from different perspectives. Others are pieces that help me think about my role in schools and as a teacher. I so appreciate everyone who has written and/or shared pieces thoughtfully and intentionally on social media. I think one thing we can do is to share pieces that we think will help others move forward in their understanding. It is sometimes a bit scary, as we know everyone in our feed may not agree with our stance. But I've decided that I am too committed to working toward change to worry about that anymore. Here are the things that I thought were worth sharing, not necessarily because I agree with them wholeheartedly but because they made me think beyond my current level of understanding.

I, Racist by John Metta at Those People

 What Writers of Color Say We Should All Read Now by Laurel Hertz at Star Tribune

How Marginalized Families are Pushed Out of PTAs by Casey Quinlan at The Atlantic

On Race, Our Behavior Proves Us Liars by Leonard Pitts, Jr. at the Miami Herald

Why I'm a Racist by Jeff Cook at The Huffington Post

Let's Step Up by Anne Lee at Nerdy Book Club


  1. Thank you, Franki, for sharing this important list.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to curate and share this list, Franki!

  3. Thank you for sharing this great list of resources!

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