Wednesday, June 04, 2008

48 Hour Book Challenge Invitation

Are you a Columbus-area kidlit or teacher blogger?  Want to join our 48 Hour Book Challenge Kick-Off this Saturday?

Contact us off blog at ayearofreading at earthlink dot net if you're interested!

(And now I'll sneak in a little happy dance -- today is the last day of school!  Grading is done, report cards are done, dvds are burned, and freedom is only a few hours away!  WOO-HOO!)


  1. Isn't it such a great feeling? Maybe it means a lot more to me this year but I could take this feeling everyday for the rest of my life!
    I am ever so bummed that I can't come on Saturday :( I have so much going on, I can't even participate in the Challenge, but my ears will be peeled to hear about everyone else's experience.

  2. Anonymous5:57 AM

    Wish I could join you, but I'm up to my ears in report cards!


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