Saturday, June 21, 2008

New Book by Eileen Spinelli

Eileen Spinelli is my favorite author of the moment. It seems that every time I turn around, there is another great book written by Eileen Spinelli. We just saw her newest picture book, THE BEST STORY at Cover to Cover during our Columbus Blogger 48 Hour Read Kick-Off . It is a great story, an especially great one to use in the Writing Workshop. The girl in the story tells us about a writing contest that she sees at her local library. She is determined to write a great story and win the prize. The book takes us through her experience--trying to make the story better. She takes advice from members of her family and tries to add the things they suggest. She finally listens to her mother who tells her, "I think the best story is one that comes from the heart. Your own heart." LOVE THAT LINE and the whole page. I was drawn to this book because of the message to readers about writing. I think it could start lots of great conversations about writing in classrooms and libraries. I am usually not a fan of picture books that teach lessons about writing. They are sometimes over the top or to gimicky, but this one is really perfect for many ages. The illustrations are an added bonus--they are a perfect match for the story. They are happy, whimsical illustrations that pull the reader in.

Other recent Elieen Spinelli books that I have fallen in love with:
WHERE I LIVE NOW and SUMMERHOUSE TIME are both novels in verse. I did quick reviews of one here. Other recent books that I currently love by this author are

Looks like she has another one coming out this fall! After checking out her website, I realized that lots of the books she has written in the past, I know and love. And there are a few on the list that I don't know that I will be checking out. But it seems every time I go into a bookstore these days, Eileen Spinelli has another perfect book on the shelves!


  1. I bought this book and plan to use it in my third grade class in the fall. It is beautiful!

  2. This looks great. I just found one of the other titles you mentioned: Where I Live. I looked at the Summerhouse title too - love it! I can't wait to start collecting more titles by her. Thanks!

  3. I forgot we saw this book that day -- thanks for the reminder!! Off to CTC again! :)

  4. Oooh, thanks. I like Eileen Spinelli and didn't know about this.

  5. Anonymous5:39 PM

    I'll look forward to picking it up. Thanks for the tip. (Loved Where I Live.)


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