Sunday, June 08, 2008

Sequel to INTO THE WILD is Coming Soon!

I just finished OUT OF THE WILD by Sarah Beth Durst. I loved the first book in this series--INTO THE WILD. Sarah Beth Durst sent a copy of this new book so I got a sneak peak!

I must say that I loved the first book but I think I loved this one even better. It is quite a fun novel with lots of fairy tale characters that we know. The same characters that we met in the first book are back--Rapunzel, Julie, Puss-in-Boots, and Julie's grandmother. This time, we also get to know Julie's dad, the prince and some other great characters--a few little surprises along the way!

I think I liked this story because of the adventure and because I understood the concept of "The Wild" so much better after the first book. And this book takes us to lots of places across the country and brings us to lots of different fairy tale characters. Julie, once again needs to fight off the evil of The Wild and is once again, quite a creative problem solver.

This book has hooked me on novels based on fairy tale characters. They are quite fun. I am fascinated by the brilliance of people who write these. We had several 5th graders at school who loved the first book and who are looking forward to this one. These are great books for kids in grades 4-6. The perfect combination of fun, action, and great characters!

This book is due out next week! Lots of advance praise is already out there!


  1. I just finished it and I like it WAY better than the first one. Do you think they could be read separately or out of order?

  2. I liked this one better too. I think I spent so much time in the first one figuring out THE WILD and how it worked but in this one, I got that. Part of me thinks you need that basis and understanding of THE WILD and if you don't have it, this one would be just like the first one was. I have a few 5th graders who loved the first one and they don't seem like they have to be read in order. I know,l I am no help here:-)


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