Friday, June 06, 2008

Poetry Friday -- Endings and Beginnings

The school year has ended. The students have been delivered north of childhood to their freedom by the big yellow buses once again. The teachers have gone south. (Don't worry; we'll bounce back!)

Someone must have flipped a switch to begin summer -- all of a sudden it's in the 90's with no sign of relief for a week.

Here's a poem about endings and beginnings:

by Jonathan Galassi

(read the whole poem here...this is the last half:)

Summer’s back,
so beautiful it always reeks of ending,
and now its breeze is stirring
in your room commanding the lawn,
trying to wake you to say the day is wasting,
but you’re north of childhood now and out of here,
and I’ve gone south.


  1. North of childhood...what an evocative way to put it. I like this one. A lot.

    Summer's reekin' beautiful here, too.

  2. Wow. Love the poem, Mary Lee. Sigh.


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