Friday, June 20, 2008

Poetry Friday -- Chillax, Dude

Here's an original by J. Patrick Lewis that reminds us not to take things too seriously!

Thank you, Pat, for letting us debut this poem on our blog!

The Rubbery Book
by J. Patrick Lewis

One day I found under the leaves
The Rubbery Book no one believes.
It told me where to find the horns
Of lost and lonely unicorns.

It told me too about a boy
Who somersaulted Illinois,
About a bright young windowpane
Allergic to the wind and rain.

The stories all were dark or light
But written down in black and white,
Though some were blue, popsicle pink
Or cinnamon to make you think.

The Rubbery Book could stretch the truth
But just enough to share with youth
And other kids whose lives too soon
Are measured out by tablespoon.

For folks who always make a fuss
By telling you, BE SERIOUS!
The Rubbery Book’s a vitamin pill
For anyone who’s SERIOUSLY ill.

The roundup this week is at Semicolon.

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  1. What fun! I love stretching the truth myself :). Thanks, Mary Lee and Pat!


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