Saturday, June 07, 2008

48 Hour Book Challenge

Twelve down, thirty-six to go.

I have finished RAPUNZEL'S REVENGE, LIFE SUCKS, and THREE SHADOWS. I'm ending this graphic novel phase of the 48 hours by reading ADVENTURES IN GRAPHICA by Terry Thompson. (Here's the link to the video podcast Franki mentioned earlier this week.)


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  2. I thought graphic novels were not allowed... "No graphic novels. I’m not trying to discriminate, I’m just trying to make sure that the number of books and page counts mean the same thing to everyone."

  3. Here is a quote from MR's rules:

    "In the past I’ve not allowed graphic novels in the interest of making sure that the number of books and page counts mean the same thing to everyone. However, if you’re going for the gold as it were, you can mix in up to three."

    Not that I'm going for any kind of gold or anything, but I stuck to the limit of three, then followed up with a professional book about teaching with graphic novels. MR has her one word title theme, and I had my graphic novel mini-theme (I'm nearly done with A Drowned Maiden's Hair and may go straight on to Good Masters! Sweet Ladies! to end with a LA Schlitz mini-theme.) And all of these books are "clean up the to-read pile" books, which was my #1 Theme.

  4. Cool! I didn't know that! That is great news :)

  5. I'm probably over-thinking this but I wanted to make sure you knew I was just genuinely puzzled and curious. I didn't see the amendment to the rule :) If I had, I certainly would have been reading graphic novels too :)

  6. It's all good! The main thing is people are reading as much as they possibly can and chatting up a storm about it! I just sacrificed 8 perfectly good reading hours to vacuum the house for the first time in 2 weeks, go for a swim, and then to to a graduation and a retirement party. So much for winning any prizes for most minutes!!! But again I say, it's all good! :-)


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