Thursday, June 19, 2008

Welcome Alan Silberberg!

Dear Alan,

I know you already got a letter from Lisa Yee, so we won't be the FIRST to welcome you to the Thurber House and Columbus, and hopefully we won't be the last -- there are lots of friendly people here who would love to go to breakfast (or lunch or dinner) at The Northstar Cafe, eat ice cream at Jeni's, kick around North Market, or browse the shelves at Cover to Cover.

Let us know when you get here and get settled in! We can't wait to meet you!

Mary Lee and Franki


  1. Alan, try the veggie burger at Northstar. It is soooooo good! (And I'm not a vegetarian.)

  2. Wow - food AND friends! I'm getting more excited with each passing day (or is that each new post?)

    Nice to have an "advance team" waiting for me - thanks Franki and Mary Lee. I'll be arriving around July 17th and look forward to showing off my table manners and learning about yours!



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