Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Global Babies

I am always looking for new board books for baby gifts. I often put together a bag or basket of board books as a new baby or baby shower gift. I always buy some of the classics but love to include new books in the mix.

GLOBAL BABIES by the Global Fund for Children and published by Charlesbridge Publishing is a great new addition to the board book collection. It is an adorable small board book highlighting a baby from somewhere in the world on each page. The photographs are colorful and many babies are dressed in traditional clothing. The text that goes along with each page is simple. The draw is definitely in the adorable faces on each page.

I didn't know about the Global Fund for Children but I read that they develop titles "to support appreciation of the multicultural world in which they live". Some of the profit from these books go to the fund to support children around the world. I'll keep my eyes out for other books by the Global Fun for Children.

Since most babies love to look at other babies, I think parents and new babies alike would love this book.


  1. I like your choice of books. This particular book would tell the young child about our world, give examples of diversity and help people in the world. What a wonderful and useful gift! Even it the book is not a hit with the child, you have helped someone! Now, that isn't a bad gift.

  2. We have this book and love it. Punkin asks for it every night. I reviewed it last week.


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