Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Off Topic--Voice Your Love of DOTS

Okay, so DOTS are my very favorite candy. Love them. Often get them for birthday presents. Buy them whenever I see them. They make me happy.

So, I was a little thrown when I read the post about Dots on Candyblog today. UGH! I love this blog and often agree with the candy reviews. The sentence that stuck with me was:

"Dots are one of those candies that I see a lot at stores, but I rarely see anyone buying them or eating them."

I can see why Cybele at Candyblog said this. When I think about it, I rarely eat DOTS in public. Not for any reason, other than, they aren't often available in places where you would eat them. They sell them in stores and you eat them at home or in the car or at work. They are a comfort food. A great candy when you need a little sugar and a little flavor. They are fun and happy.

I am not a fan of anything but the traditional flavor box but I LOVE the original flavors.

For me, these are like the last of the original movie candy. Maybe they bring back childhood memories. I'm not sure.

Candyblog has invited anyone who loves DOTS to testify and so far, 17 people have already commented expressing their love of DOTS! SOOOO, if you love DOTS, go over to CANDYBLOG and show your support.

Really, Candy Corn or Dots? DOTS win hands-down! Don't you agree? DOTS win over pretty much any candy in my book.

(This may be the only candy that I would stand up for with this kind of enthusiasm!--unless they bring back Marathon Bars from the 80s.)

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  1. Anonymous5:48 PM

    I totally get that they're a good candy (that's why they got "pleasant" as a rating), they're just not for me. I'm actually happy that they still make them and that they have such big fans!


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