Saturday, July 21, 2007

Harry Potter Fun!

So, I am feeling a little bit left out of the Harry Potter craze. I am embarrassed to admit that I have not read the Harry Potter books. Not sure how it happened. I started the first one when it first came out and it seemed bad timing or something. My husband, however, was totally hooked immediately. Now, this many years later, it just seemed far too overwhelming to read 6 books in anticipation for the last one. But, I have followed the Harry Potter craze. I love what it has caused. And I have followed all of the media leading up to Book 7. My husband and daughter attended Cover to Cover's Harry Potter party last night (Mary Lee also attended--see photo). They got their books at 12:01 am. My older daughter read until 3:30 am and they have both been reading at every spare moment. But it seems that people have already finished and the world is nervous that someone will give the ending away before they finish.

As much as I hate missing out on the fun, I must say, it is fun to watch all of this objectively. I love all of it and love that the world has stopped for the last of the Harry Potter books. I love that people everywhere today were carrying around the books. I love that many families I know had to purchase multiple copies of the book to avoid any fighting over a single copy. I love that my daughter is getting text messages from friends when they get to a certain page. I love that my husband and daughter are trying to keep up with each other so they can chat when needed. This is all such fun.

I am thinking that I will read the last chapter of Book 7. I don't think I'll ever be able to experience Harry Potter as the world has. I missed it. If I read it later, which I very well may do, I will know so much from the talk, the media, just by being part of the world. I won't come at it as everyone else did. But, I am dying to read the end. I am dying to see how she decided to end a series like this. I have read some of the reviews about the ending and I think I can read it just to see how she did it--how she created a satisfying ending that was not totally predictable but yet totally believable when expectations were so high.

Even though I have not read one of the books yet (yes, I am embarrassed every time I say this), I consider myself a JK Rowling fan. I love that she created something so amazing. I love the brilliance. I love the impact she's had and that the whole world talked about Harry Potter today.

So, I'll keep you posted about whether or not I read that last chapter of Book 7--no, I won't give away any secrets. But, I think it is the only way I can participate in the fun this week. Meanwhile, I'll watch my husband and daughter finish up.


  1. I've read every book so far and will be reading this one as soon as my husband finishes. But I'd loved your take on this series and on what it has meant. It was wonderful to read the thoughts of someone who has not read the books, but who doesn't not look down their nose at them. Thank you.

  2. I was out of town but managed to get a copy after midnight. The family I was on vacation with thought I was nuts but I was home at 2 and read until 3:30 too! It seems to be a race in my neighborhood as to who will finish first. My middle school neighbor and I are arm and arm at 360pgs...I just want to know how it ends.


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