Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Great Music for Kids from Shannon Tanner

We are vacationing in Hilton Head this week. We are having a nice time--very relaxing with just the right amount of things to do. Last night, we went to the Shannon Tanner show. For people who go to Hilton Head yearly, Shannon Tanner is a family tradition. He does concerts nightly in the Shelter Cove area. We have been to Hilton Head once before but skipped this event. This year, we decided to go.

I am not often a fan of these family concerts but I must say that Shannon Tanner was quite fun. I can see why families make it a tradition. His music is fun and he has just the right amount of adult humor to create a fun time for every member of the families. He has an amazing way with kids and our kids had a ball. He is quite popular here and I can see why. He puts on a really fun show and he seems like a genuine nice guy.

The other bit of good news is that he has some fun music to take with you after the show (and for sale on his website)--I purchased on to share between my daughter and my classroom. I imagine we'll buy more on his website. The music is fun, and great for elementary age kids. At the end of this school year, I realized that we had no music that we played in the classroom and I need some. It is tricky to find music for kids that are 8-10--they want it to be "cool" but they also want to be little kids. I think Shannon Tanner's music will meet their expectations when we need a burst of music in the classroom. I purchased one of his concert CDs. He also has DVDs of his show, etc. I highly recommend these for classroom use... I imagine lots of you already know about this but for those of us who don't go to Hilton Head regularly, I wanted to pass along the info and let you know that this would be good fun music for the classroom! (His website says he does school visits too:-)

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  1. I love new music for the classroom. You'll have to share your favorites. Enjoy your vacation!


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