Sunday, July 01, 2007

NEA Report #2

I am starting to get some idea of the enormity of this event. There are 350 in the Ohio delegation. We are housed in two hotels. Here is a glimpse of our caucus this morning. Today's caucus was more of a briefing. The rest of this week we will be hearing about/discussing Ohio's positions on various items that will be covered that day in the Representative Assembly.

We met a woman from California as we left the convention center after registering. There are 1800 (EIGHTEEN HUNDRED!) members in the California delegation. They are housed in 10 (count 'em -- TEN) hotels!!

Tomorrow we will have our first day of the Representative Assembly where we'll see all these people in the same room at the same time.

Because we all had the afternoon free today, it was like touring with a small city's worth of other teachers. Here are the highlights:

Great interpreters throughout the city. These are at the Visitor Center.

Christ Church.

Elfreth's Alley. Our nation's oldest residential street.

Betsy Ross' house.

Liberty Bell. Worth the half-hour wait in line and having our bags searched before going in.

Independence Hall.

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