Sunday, July 01, 2007

New Professional Resource on Adolescent Literacy

I had to share this new professional book published by Heinemann... ADOLESCENT LITERACY: TURNING PROMISE INTO PRACTICE is edited by Kylene Beers, Robert Probst, and Linda Rief. It is an amazing collection of the best new thinking about adolescent literacy in this critical time.

I am not usually a big fan of edited books where lots of people write short pieces but this one is AMAZING! I have been reading about adolescent literacy for years and this book is an opportunity to hear so many experts in the field talk about their latest thinking on the topic. So many great voices all in one book--lots of my favorites as well a few people whose work I wasn't familiar with before I read their chapters.

In my role as Curricular Support Teacher, I am always looking for short articles/pieces to share with teachers. This is a great resource since every single chapter would serve as a great conversation starter or anchor for a study group. Every chapter has so much to think about.

An amazing book that I keep going back to already. I find myself telling others about various chapters often and I haven't had the book all that long! I think I will have to buy a few extra copies of this one--it is such a great compilation of the best and most current thinking in adolescent literacy. A must have.

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  1. Hi! Great blog! I've just finished a conversation about the decline of readership, when I stumbled upon this blog.

    How can we encourage reading for all ages?


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