Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Mind Your Manners B.B. Wolf

MIND YOUR MANNERS, B.B. WOLF is a fun new book by Judy Sierra. I am always looking for books that can start classroom conversations about reading and also books that extend what we know about well-known fairy tale characters.

In this story, B.B. Wolf is invited to a tea. But his friend reminds him that he'll have to behave so they learn good manner from an etiquette book. When B.B. A few of our favorite fairy tale characters make an appearance, some lines from well-known fairy tales show up throughout the story, and the ending is a happy one. Did I mention that the tea takes place in a library?

This is a fun book--appropriate for children of all ages. My third and fourth graders loved it when I read it aloud on the first day of school--lots to see in the illustrations that connect to favorite stories.

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