Friday, August 17, 2007


In June, we participated in a Summer Goals meme and set goals for the summer. The 2nd day of summer--so much seemed possible. I thought I could accomplish so much. So today, with just a few days left of summer vacation, I thought I'd go back and see how I did.
1. Get back to exercising 5-6 days a week
I exercised 2-3 times all summer.
Not so good.
2. Read Lots
I read lots of kids books--more than ever-- but did not read the two adult books I was hoping to read.
3. See family and friends often.
I saw many old friends and caught up with people so I'll consider that the best so far....
4. Get organized for the fall
I am feeling okay about the fall. Not as organized as I'd like to be but in okay shape. I am going to work on organizing the house this weekend so I am kind of caught up.
5. Learn how to make and decorate a few really good kinds of cupcakes.
I found a great mix at Williams-Sonoma and a page from a magazine that shows me how to make sunflower cupcakes. Not exactly the gourmet cupcakes I had planned but I will make them for our next book party this weekend so I can maybe meet this goal before school begins...
6. Writer's notebook
Hmmmm...I bought a new one and only have one small entry..not good.
7. Clean every drawer, cupboard and closet in the house
What exactly was I thinking? I did a few but most of the ones I did at the beginning of summer need to be cleaned again. We are in better shape than in June so I am okay on this one.
8. Nap often.
9. Weight Watchers--

Okay, so, I did TERRIBLE in accomplishing my goals. But, overall the summer was good. We had good family time, got good work done, feel semi-organized and refreshed to start the year, got together with some old friends.

TAGGING ANYONE WHO SET SUMMER GOALS WITH THIS MEME TO REFLECT--I am confident that you all did better than I did!


  1. Anonymous12:47 PM

    I love your honesty...your follow-up put a smile on my face today. It's nice to see that I'm not the only one who didn't reach all of my summer goals! I did have a wonderful summer though! :-)

  2. Oh, reminded me to go back and look at what I posted on my website as goals.

    And I am SHOCKED. I actually did ALL of them. And this is me, who doesn't even bother to do New Year's Resolutions because I'm so sure I won't keep them. What happened? Was it the public nature of the posting? I'm thinking I may have to blog about this! And I'm thinking my new goals are going to be earn a million, travel to Bali, and have Lyle Lovett write a song to me.

    I LOVED your self-check in. No waffling. Just NOPE where appropriate. I think it's important to acknowledge that sometimes we make goals for ourselves that just don't work.

  3. I laughed so hard reading this, because I basically had all the same summer goals as you (give or take a couple)... and I had pretty much the same success rate.

    Kudos on acheiveing your napping goal! I'm always an overachiever in this category too. Ooo, and I liked your writer's notebook goal. I think I may give that a try (as a general goal). We'll see how it goes...

  4. I met my reading goals and surpassed them, my school goals I did pretty well with, BUT the organize my house and my life goals? Let's just hope I managed to tread water.

  5. I am just impressed with the fact that you wrote summer goals. I can't wait to hear about your next book party.

  6. 1.Read. Lots. Piles. Especially all the professional journals that haven't been touched for months. (done, especially the journals, hallelujah)
    2.Transfer the yard waste from the old composting bin in the corner of the garden to the new one that will not allow chipmunks to nest there. (done)
    3.Plant the herbs I bought today. (Done. Now I have to find time to make pesto...AGAIN!)
    4.Walk to the farm market every Saturday. (done...most Saturdays)
    5.Dust off my bike and go biking again. (done)
    6.Swim in a one mile open water swim. (NOT DONE)
    7.Catch up on letter writing. (NOT DONE)
    8.Make bread baking a habit again. (Done! 9.Cinnamon rolls, too!)
    10.Blog. (Duh. Done.)
    11.Scan all of my classroom books into LibraryThing with my new CueCat scanner. (DONE!!!!)
    12.Read. (NEVER DONE!)
    13.Try new recipes. (not so much)
    14.Start writing in my writer's notebook again. (Not so much.)


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