Friday, August 31, 2007

Poetry Friday--First Week of School

Whose idea was it to have five days of school the first week? Three or four would have been plenty!

Here are the schedules I/we have worked to coordinate and finalize this week:

Special Education
Reading Intervention
Bubble activities (sounded great this summer, but a nightmare now)
Title One Math
Reading Assessments
Math Assessments
Spelling Assessments
Fire Drill

We have had various meetings before school every day, after school most days, and at our grade level planning period several of the days.

The poem for today and for this crazy first week:

by Stuart Kestenbaum

The only psalm I had memorized was the 23rd
and now I find myself searching for the order
of the phrases knowing it ends with surely
goodness and mercy will follow me
all the days of my life and I will dwell
in the house of the Lord forever only I remember
seeing a new translation from the original Hebrew
and forever wasn't forever but a long time
which is different from forever although
even a long time today would be
good enough for me...

(the rest of the poem is here)
(Roundup is at MentorTexts)


  1. This is perfect for that schedule you just posted. Holy cow! How do you do it all? And I love the title of the book the poem comes from: Prayers and Run-on Sentences.

  2. What a great, fun poem. And not at all what I expected with that title.

  3. Love how I was surprised as I read on. Thanks for sharing this and good luck with the new school year!

  4. This is a beautiful, beautiful thing. A long time is good enough for me....

    Happy, happy 3-day weekend...

  5. I appreciate those sentiments! Our schools in Oregon open after Labor Day. There are two days of school that first week, the other two spent on assessments for first graders. My daughter is an incoming first grader. We are both excited!

    Have a great weekend.

  6. Love the poem and your label...completely connecting to your post!

  7. Sara: I'm laughing out loud -- I hadn't even noticed the title of the book! Double perfect!!!!


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