Sunday, August 19, 2007

Violet Bing and The Grand House

Yes, there is another great character to love in this early chapter book by Jennifer Paros. There is lots to love about Violet Bing and The Grand House:

1. The size totally matches the character and the story. It is small book-- a small size and about 100 pages.

2. Violet Bing is VERY lovable. Violet Bing does not like to do much. She "does not have time" or so she says. She does not like surprises or things that are new or unplanned.

3. The plot is simple, yet fun. When Violet decides that she is not going on vacation with her family, she spends the time with her aunt in the Grand House instead. Because Violet says no to so many things, she is on her own a lot (with her aunt watching close-by). A little girl in a big, old, colorful house makes for a great story.

4. The illustrations throughout the book are fun. Violet has a triangular body and string-like hair. The illustrations are spread throughout the book to give the reader a better sense of what is happening. (And often the author refers to the illustrations by saying something like "Look at all of the things she has on the floor.")

5. Some surprises are in store for Violet--a lost dog, a sun room, and a secret passage.

All of this makes for a very fun book! A little girl who is a bit like all of us.

I have heard that this is going to be a series but I can't find any information on this. The end is written in a way that Violet Bing can easily visit The Grand House again soon.
I certainly hope so.

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