Monday, August 20, 2007

Summer Book Party Reflection

In June, I told you about our first Summer Book Party. My good friend Maureen, had this great idea to have "book parties" every few weeks during the summer--a fun way to keep the girls reading and to get them together.

Well, we had 5 book parties--once every few weeks. Since people are busy during the summer, we had anywhere between 2 and 7 girls at each party. They were all quite fun! And very easy to pull off. We set up books all over the house and made (or bought) some type of snack. The parties lasted one hour which was perfect to read a few books.

Today was our last book party. We asked the girls what they thought. They wanted to have them again next summer. They liked reading with friends. Even if they read quietly by themselves, they liked "having people around when I read". They loved reading in different places (on the patio, on the tent, the couch, comfy chairs, and lounge chairs. And, of course, they LOVED the snacks (making ice cream sundaes was a favorite). As Colleen said, "When you read a good book, it kind of makes you hungry, especially if it is a book about food!"

Hosting a few of the book parties was part of the fun. Deciding which books to put out for friends to read, what to have for snack, where we could read....

Maureen and I were laughing today as she left-- Just like us, the girls liked the fact that they could be with friends and eat good food. Good friends--Good Books--Good Food--What more could you want at any age?


  1. What a great idea - I would love to try this sometime!!!

  2. When I was reading this post I didn't immediately realize that you were describing a party for young girls. I was thinking, it sounded fun to get together with grown-up girlfriends (and/or boyfriends)and share some favorite picture books with one another (I guess your friends would need to be children's lit. enthusiasts for this to work). Oh! Or this could be a fun idea for parents of young children who want to share books and trade info about new children's books they have found!

    Your Summer Book Parties are a great idea! I'll have to remember this when I have children of my own. AND thanks for planting the seed for what may turn into my own summer (fall?) book party with my grown-up girlfriends!

  3. Great photos! Looks like fun. (I want a cupcake too!) ;)

  4. Franki,

    Book parties! What a terrific idea! You should write an article about them for a parent magazine.

  5. Anonymous10:55 AM

    I agree -- this cries out for an article. With photos and quotes from kids. It's just totally awesome.

  6. Great idea! Sounds like lots of fun.

  7. And here's what I'm thinking: my fifth and sixth graders could totally throw a party like this for our buddy first grade class....w/ invitations, cupcakes, and lots of lovely books.


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