Wednesday, July 02, 2008

2 New Wordless Picture Books

I picked up 2 new wordless picture books this week. I have not collected many of those in my book-buying. Just like graphic novels, they are hard for me. I don't naturally spend time making sense of illustrations and visuals. But I have learned to do a bit better and I have seen the power in these books with readers.

After talking with Katie D (Creative Literacy) and watching a clip of a video she did with Choice Literacy this spring, I realized how important picture reading is for our students. With all of the levelmania happening in the country with leveled books, I worry that kids are not always lingering with books. Really thinking hard about a book in the earliest years of school. So I have been looking for good wordless picture books and I found two that I am quite happy with!

WAVE by Suzy Lee is the story of a little girl's trip to the beach. She has a great time on the beach as told through the illustrations. The illustrations are pretty breathtaking. The illustrator uses only white, blue and black to tell the story and the illustrations draw you in. I also like the shape of the book---a shape that is a bit more long and narrow than most book. Kids will definitely have fun with this one--I notice new details in the illustrations during every read.

I also picked up TRAINSTOP by Barbara Lehman. This one took some focus for me to understand the story. A little girl goes on a train ride and uses her imagination as she steps off the train. It is a fun story that kids will enjoy. There will be lots to ponder as they work through what is happening. The illustrations are inviting-kids love trains and this is a great train. Big and yellow and happy!

So, the first two wordless books I have purchased in a while! I will keep looking as I hope to build up to about 6-10 within the next several months.


  1. I haven't seen Trainstop, but I have a copy of Wave and think it's absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for the recommendations...I'm always on the lookout for wordless picture books for some of the ESL students I tutor. I find that they help take the pressure off of learning English for a bit and enable them to just enjoy a book.

  2. Anonymous10:50 PM

    I LOVE wordless picture books. I teach kindergarten and always begin the year's Reading Workshop with these books. The students "read the pictures" and it is awesome! I can't wait to hear about more that you suggest!



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