Sunday, July 13, 2008

If You Like Captain Underpants, You Might Like...

I wrote an article/booklist for Choice Literacy that I thought I'd share here. Books for kids who like Captain Underpants--books they might enjoy. It is here if you are interested.

Now, if we are thinking of summer reading lists like this--connecting kids to books based on books they love, kids would have lots of ownership over what they read.


  1. I just read all of the conversation on yesterday's post -- great stuff!

  2. Franki, Went to the Choice litercy conference you just had and you have made me a Baby Mouse believer. Thanks for doing all of the footwork on the new and upcoming books for students. It leaves me more time to shop at the clothes stores but still make great book purchases!

  3. Now I have to go shopping to add to my classroom library. Thanks for the great list of books. I'm sharing it with my team.

  4. You should look into adding the Fred and Anthony series by Esile Arevamirp and perhaps the Captain Fact series by Knife and Packer.


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