Monday, July 28, 2008

Great New Nonfiction for K-1

There is a great new-to-me series of pop-up books out for young kids. They are called POP-OUT Surprise Books. I have been looking for good pop-up books, books that kids would actually read and the pop-up adds to the text, rather than the beautiful ones that kids just play with.I just picked up three of the four that are available. Looks like they came out in 2007.

GIANT POP-OUT VEHICLES, GIANT POP-OUT BUGS, and GIANT POP-OUT PETS. (They didn't have GIANT POP-OUT SHAPES yet but I'll get that one as soon as they do.

These are great pop-up books and they are nonfiction. And, even more fun than that, is the fact that each page gives the readers clues so that when you lift the flap, the giant pop-out photo answers the question. For example, on page one of the pets book, the left side reads, "I walk quietly on my four soft paws, and sometimes I chase after mice!" The right side then asks, "What am I?" and the child can lift the flap for the answer. A very large, pop out photo of a cat! Along with the patterned text for each animal, there is also an added piece of information under the "What am I?" line. A photo with an added piece of information about the animal is included.

These books are great fun for lots of reasons

#1 They are Pop-Up Books and those are always fun!

#2 They are filled with great, colorful photos.

#3 They are predictable so they are quite supportive for new readers.

#4 The fun of guessing once clues are given is always fun (and these clues make it pretty easy to be correct!)

#5 They are nonfiction--nonfiction and pop-up--what a great combination!

These are pretty sturdy books too. So they should last in classrooms if kids are semi-careful. There aren't pieces to pull and turn like there are in the more fragile pop-up books. I can also see these as a great model for some kids for nonfiction writing.

What a find!

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