Wednesday, July 30, 2008


ARABELLA MILLER'S TINY CATERPILLAR is quite the darling new picture book. Beth at Cover to Cover had it on a stack of new books she thought I'd like.

This story is about Little Arabella Miller and her tiny caterpillar. There seem to be lots of stories about caterpillars changing into butterflies, but this one is a bit more than that. Arabella loves this caterpillar as only a true friend can. She takes great care of him until he becomes a special butterfly. When the story is finished, there is a two page spread with nonfiction information about the stages of a butterfly's life. I like the combination of fiction and nonfiction in this book. This would be a good companion book to DON'T WORRY BEAR by Greg Foley.

There is lots to like about this one. First of all, the size is fun. It is a teeny tiny bit bigger than most picture books. The illustrations are quite fun. Arabella takes up most of the entire cover of the book. She is happy and colorful--with a fashionable hat! The colors throughout the book are bold against white which makes for a fun read. There is rhyme and rhythm and repetition to the story. A great choice for reading aloud to young children.

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