Thursday, December 18, 2008

2 New Books for Young Children by Patricia Hubbell

I have had these on my pile to review for a few weeks.  It is hard to find nonfiction books for young readers and I am not sure these would technically be considered nonfiction, but they are nonfiction-type books. True information written for young children.  Both are about topics that kids will love and I am excited to add them to the library.

MY FIRST AIRPLANE RIDE by Patricia Hubbell is a story of a child's first airplane ride.  The story takes us from the initial invitation from Grandma to come visit, to packing, to driving to the airport, going through security, and more until the plane finally lands and Grandma is waiting!  I love the details of this book and the fact that it would help a child new to flying know what to expect--the stewardess letting them know what to do. The air traffic controller telling them when it is okay for takeoff.  So many great details told in very simple sentences.  The illustrations help to alleviate any fear a child may have of flying.  Everything is colorful and happy.  This is a book I'll add to our library and one I will keep in mind as a gift for a child getting ready to go on a trip, or a child who loves planes--so many kids who will like this one!

The other book is POLICE: HURRYING! HELPING! SAVING! by Patricia Hubbell. In this book, each page lets the reader know something new about the police. It includes so many of the things kids see policemen and policewomen doing in their cities  as well as things they might not see (such as policemen in boats).  Police dogs, traffic cops and more are included.  Again, the illustrations make this a colorful and happy book and will help children understand the role of police to keep us safe.

Both of these books came from Marshall Cavendish Children's Books.

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  1. Franki, these are nice books. I'm giving them to a friend who teaches preschoolers. I think the class will really enjoy them.

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