Wednesday, December 24, 2008


I just finished DIAMOND WILLOW by Helen Frost. It is a definite must read and would probably make a great read aloud for upper elementary and middle school students. (You would just need to find a way to project the pages up on the screen during the read aloud.)

I am a Helen Frost fan. I especially love her book SPINNING THROUGH THE UNIVERSE. and read that one aloud to my 5th graders.

DIAMOND WILLOW is am amazing book. I can see why it is on so many Mock Newbery lists. The story has lots of layers, as all of Frost's do. And the layers and depth are accessible to kids--which I like. The story is the story of a girl and her sled dog. It is also a coming of age story. Frost tells the story in diamond shaped poems--one per page. And she uses bold text to give us a stronger message on each page. Frost tells the story from several perspectives--both people and animals.

So much I like about this book. I have to love the characters to love a book and I LOVE this character, Willow. I also love the dog (and I don't love all dogs.) I love the metaphor of the diamond willow and I love the layers of meaning that are there for readers.

A quick read because of the format but definitely one I'd want to read again. And one I'll put in the school library.


  1. Awesome writing, great characters, accessible to kids, hmmmm...sounds like a winner to me. I loved this book and it's been on my Newbery short list since the beginning.

  2. This is still on my TBR pile. Lots of reading to do before Jan. 26!!


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