Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A New Cinderella

I love new versions of old favorite fairy tales. I love to read retellings of these tales and I have a few favorites, like Cinderella. I am always amazed at how different a story can feel in each retelling. And I think some of the newer ones are a bit more appealing to children. The newest in my collection of Cinderella stories is CINDERELLA by Max Eilenberg. The story stays pretty true to the original story but there are little bits of humor hidden throughout. For example, when the stepsisters are invited to the ball:
The stepsisters spent the whole week shopping. They bought expensive outfits, an enormous amount of jewelry, and some very large hats.
They thought they looked beautiful!
(In fact, they looked frightful.)
The illustrations and size also make this a good book. This is thicker than a normal picture book so it may appeal to transitional readers. The illustrations by Niamh Sharkey are colorful and fun. I can't decide whether the shorter stepsister or the Fairy Godmother is my favorite. They are both pretty amusing. There are also little hidden things in the illustrations that add to the fun and humor. Sharkey's blog is definitely worth a visit. Love his art and can't wait to see what is next.
I do buy lots of new versions of old favorites but (I think) this one is the first Cinderella book I have purchased since I purchased Cynthia Rylant's retelling. Both are very different but definitely needed in a collection of newer retellings of this story.

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