Monday, December 01, 2008


Thanksgiving vacation gave me some extra time to spend at the bookstore finding new books for the library. One that I am excited about is THE BIG BIGGER BIGGEST BOOK. I knew immediately that I liked it.

Each spread shows an object with a word such as "FAST". When you lift or unfold the flap, you'll find a similar object with a new label (FASTER). Then you get to lift or unfold one more time for the completed illustration and the last word (FASTEST).

The book is quite fun. The flap lifting is a bit different on each page depending on the object and the way it is defined. Some spreads unfold horizontally while others unfold vertically. The variety adds to the fun.

The illustations are bright and colorful. Many use primary colors and the objects are all things that most kids are familiar with.
I see this book being popular for lots of reasons. First of all, the fold-outs make it quite fun. For new readers, the picture clues will allow them to read the simple text on their own. ANd it will support concepts in size and measurement. I can also see using it when thinking about playing with words or thinking about word choice in writing. I am not sure how teachers will use it but I see lots of possibilities!


  1. This sounds great, but as a future media specialist I'm kinda put off by flaps or pop-ups for general circulation. I'll have to see how it goes. My kid will love it, though!

  2. Well, it is nothing like it, but when I first saw the title I immediately thought of Pig, Pigger, Piggest by Rick Walton, a fun fractured fairy tale that relies on lots of superlatives!


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