Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I Should Be Working

And I am, really. I am cleaning up the desktop of my computer. In doing so, I ran across the Class Constitution my fourth graders wrote. I keep a copy in my sub folder. Here is a Wordle I just made of it:


  1. I love this use of Wordle.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Great Wordle! The classes at Glacier Ridge create class pledges/promises. I think I will suggest this to teachers. I have done our school vision in Wordle. It's pretty cool.

  3. Mary Lee,
    Here is a really stupid question. How do you move wordles from the wordle site to your blog? I tried saving it on my desktop, but then when I try to upload it, blogspot says the file is not recognizable.

  4. Carol,

    Here's how I do it: the screen shot gets saved on my desktop as a .png file. I open it, then do a "save as" and choose .jpg as the file format. Blogger will like it then.

  5. LOVE. THIS!

    Thanks so much for giving me this new way to kill time with silver bullets.

    James Preller

  6. "Killing time with silver bullets"

    That's my new favorite saying! Much more elegant than "effective procrastination"!!!

  7. ohhhhh! I couldn't resist it, as soon as I was done reading your post, I started playing with it..and lOVE it! ..hehhe...feels like a new toy!


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