Monday, December 29, 2008


Ali at Diverse Books has posted a reading challenge for 2009 that we are both going to commit to. Ali says, "The point of this challenge is to ensure racial and ethnic diversity in the authors that we read." There are lots of ways to participate. But no matter how you decide to participate, you will be committing to reading more books by authors of color. It sounds like the people at Diverse Books focus more on adult books but this would be a great challenge for those of us in the Kidlitosphere.


  1. I committed to this too. I am looking forward to reading more grown up books this winter/spring. We'll see where I move on to later in the year. I've got a new list at GoodReads and I posted about it today. Glad you joined!

  2. For my own personal challenge, I'm doing a combination of adult, YA, and the books I read with my kids, so I'm thrilled to have others joining in who plan to include kid lit. A kids' reading list will be posted on the challenge site this weekend.

    Ali (Diverse Books)


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