Thursday, April 16, 2009

THE CUCKOO'S HAIKU by Michael J. Rosen

The library at our school looks out to a great courtyard. This week, there were so many new birds out there. You could see and hear them, especially in the morning. I have been thinking about rearranging a bit so that kids could spend time with the courtyard. I've picked up a few field guides that kids could use to identify some of the trees and plants that are out there.

Yesterday, I found a new book by Michael J. Rosen called THE CUCKOO'S HAIKU AND OTHER BIRDING POEMS. It is a book filled with poems about common American birds (all Haiku). The artwork is stunning and the each page give you a little "field guide" type information--some details about each bird.

I also picked up Kevin Henkes' new book BIRDS. Although this book isn't a traditional poetry book, the language is poetic and the illustrations are cheery.

I am excited to get these books out there for the kids. They are books that might turn a few of them into bird watchers and poets!


  1. I love this book! I am going to be doing some bird walks with the youngest students this spring and I am looking forward to sharing this book with them before we start out.

  2. This looks great--I don't know much about birds but they are awesome.


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