Friday, April 03, 2009

Poetry Friday -- Building Rockets

I'm Building a Rocket
by Kenn Nesbitt

I'm building a rocket.
As soon as I'm done
I'm taking my friends
on a trip to the sun.

The rest of the poem is at Kenn Nesbitt's excellent site -- Poetry4Kids.

The round up this week is at

Two girls in my class are experimenting with AlkaSeltzer rockets in enrichment. They took the photos above to show the steps for making a rocket. They also videotaped the process and are now working on an iMovie. This post is dedicated to them, and to all the girls who will grow up to be the engineers and rocket scientists of the future.


  1. Fantastic! And here's to them always having poetry in their lives too!

  2. Hurray for teachers that link science and poetry! So way cool!

  3. What a fun poem and great project. Yay for girls and science!

  4. YAY for girls who love science! They are my kind of females. I minored in science in college. Many of the adult books that I read are nonfiction books about science and/or scientists.

  5. Very excellent. That was fun.

  6. Brilliant! Science and poetry combined! That's making learning fun!

  7. Science and poetry really aren't that different. As an elementary teacher, I used poems to introdue most of my units. Sometimes I wrote them myself (not great poetry, but the kids liked them).

  8. Yay for science girls! Fun project!


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