Thursday, April 02, 2009

Poetry Month: LOOSE LEASHES by Amy Schmidt

I can never go wrong when I buy a poetry book about dogs. They seem to be quite popular and I imagine the kids will love this new one.

LOOSE LEASHES by Amy Schmidt with photos by Ron Schmidt is a collection of poetry--told in the voices of dogs. They write about things such as getting free of their leash, battling over a bone, and ways to keep cool. My favorite poem is called "I Will NOT Go to the Groomer" and begins like this:

I will not go to the groomer
And won't be washed outside.
To be bathed in a public place
Is quite undignified.

The photos that accompany each poem are too fun and kids will totally love them. "Furry Facts" about each dog are listed at the end of the book. These bios are also quite amusing.

The couple who wrote this book is quite fun--their dog even has his own blog!


  1. After reading your post i got out my copy to write about my favorite poem, but all I did was smile, laugh and think I cna't pick one. It is a wonderful book of poetry. the kids love it.

  2. I collect dog books. I neeeeeed this book!
    (Not to mention a new computer because mine is down again!)

  3. Oh, I want this book!


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