Thursday, April 02, 2009

National Poetry Month Writing Prompts

Bud the Teacher is celebrating National Poetry Month by inviting readers to write some poems and publish them on blogs, his site, etc. His first prompt along with his poem inspired me to write this poem this morning. Who knew that I could enjoy spending a few minutes writing a poem based on a photo Bud shared? I love the variety of poems that people have already written in response to one prompt. It would be fun for lots of us in the Kidlitosphere to join into Bud's celebration.

The piles
Of books
Have somehow started
to take over my house
Books in every room

The ones I’ve already read
That I can’t part with
Those that I hope
One of my daughters
Loves as I do
Sometime in the future

The ones I haven’t yet read
But that are possibilities
For the future
When I have a quiet
Day for reading


  1. I loved seeing your poem over there.

  2. Great to find another poet writing every day. Thanks for the link! I'm off to explore now.

    I like your poem and I can totally relate. I actually sorted some books on a bookshelf in the living room today and pulled out some to donate to the daycare. Then I went to my mom's and she tried to give me another whole stack! I had to insist on only taking two.... for some time when I can get to them...

  3. Great poem ! Totally relatable :) I googled "national poetry month prompts" and yours was the first link to come up ! Thanks :D



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