Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Poetry Month: Songs for Young Children

There has not been much talk of songs during National Poetry Month. I have found that so many of my students buy into poetry when they realize that songs are often a form of poetry.  So today, to celebrate National Poetry Month I wanted to share some great song videos I have found online.  These are great fun for children to listen to and to watch. But I am also thinking that with programs like Animationish and others that are available, I can see kids creating animated videos and art like this to go with favorite songs.  Can you imagine how this can tie into Garageband?  I think the possibilities are endless.  But, just as importantly, these songs are FUN! A great joyful way to celebrate words with our students. Enjoy!  

Some of my favorite songs and sites:

The Elephant Song (and all of the others by Eric Herman)

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  1. I love these sites Franki. Thanks so much. I took your advice and joined the blogging world. Check it out at www.RaisingReadersandWriters.com.
    You have inspired me!

    Julie Johnson


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