Monday, August 10, 2009

Goldilocks and the Three Bears by Lauren Child

I really don't even have to open a book that I notice is written by Lauren Child before I buy it. I automatically know that I will love it. No question. She is brilliant and I have loved every book she has written. So, I was thrilled when I saw Child's new version of GOLDILOCKS AND THE THREE BEARS at Cover to Cover yesterday. This time, Lauren Child worked with photographer Polly Borland and set creator Emily L. Jenkins to create an amazing version of this favorite story.

The illustrations in this book are a bit different from Lauren Child's other books. I was expecting something similar to THE PRINCESS AND THE PEA when I saw that she had written about Goldilocks. But, instead, I opened the book to large, stunning photographs telling the story of Goldilocks. And the creation team seemed to find the perfect doll to portray Goldilocks throughout the book--made by doll maker R. John Wright. (There is a bit of information on how the sets were made on the back flap of the book. Totally fascinating.)

As much as I am always intrigued by the illustrations in Lauren Child's books, I have come to realize that her writing is just as brilliant. I love this version of Goldilocks because of the story that Lauren has created. This is a longer picture book--a longer version of the traditional story. I love the way that Child uses words to help us get to know Goldilocks and to enjoy the story. Of course, Child has kept to the tradition of the "Who has been sitting in my chair?" type of lines. But, she has also made this story her own. The following paragraph comes early in the story;

"Her mother often worried about letting Goldilocks out of her sight, but sometimes the little girl would ask just one too many questions and stick her fingers in one too many pots of honey and peek under the lid of one too many saucepans. And her mother, unable to bear it any longer, would send her out to collect firewood."

Gotta love that Goldilocks!

I think I love this book for lots of reasons. I love new versions of Goldilocks and have written about them before. I love Lauren Child--her writing and her creativity. And this book makes me think about my good friend's dollhouse when we were younger. She had a great dollhouse that you didn't really play with--instead we designed and redesigned it. Because of the sets, there is an element of play in this book as we see the home of the three bears as a little house.

Now, this is my new favorite Goldilocks version-no doubt!


  1. Ooo! Ooo! Thanks. Must find for my girls, who will, without a doubt, be thrilled to see this. Thanks!

  2. I love Lauren's style of writing. The Charlie and Lola series captivated me and my 6-year-old and then Princess and the Pea stunned us! I'm very excited about this new fairy tale.


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