Saturday, August 08, 2009

July Mosaic

July. I'm nostalgic for it already. Life was slow in July. The first half I was still at home in Colorado. I came back to garden, travel, friends, projects around the house, and leisurely hours at Cover to Cover.

Standing on the banks of July, it took nerves of steel to jump into the raging river of August which will carry me pell mell until a brief rest in mid-October for the Kidlitosphere Conference, a longer one in November for NCTE, and finally Christmas break, when I might actually be able to catch my breath again.

We've swum a week into August. My head is still well above water and my breathing is steady. I know it won't last, but it feels good for now. I'm going to try to hold onto this feeling.


  1. Mary Lee-
    I love your metaphor- "the raging river of August." I'm trying not to drown in the raging river of football camp. Have a peaceful weekend!

  2. Thank you for showing us that there are seasons: times of running around, times of rest, times to prepare, and times to reflect. I appreciate your calm, reflective demeanor.

  3. i love your purple glasses. hip, hippy, hoppin, holy smokes hot.

  4. Ahh, that carousel looks familiar... Could it be? Kit Carson...

  5. I also love the metaphor -- so apt! It reflects my feelings right now as well (just phrased so much better).


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