Saturday, August 22, 2009

Library Intro

I have been thinking hard about what I am hoping that the school library becomes for the students at our school. I want the library to be a place where students are in charge of their own learning and where they can learn about the things they love in ways that make sense to them. I know that this will be a yearlong conversation, but I put together a slide show that I'll show several of the classes during the first week. I am hoping that the questions on this slide show begin conversations and invite students to think about their own learning and ways that the library can support them as learners. I know that I am missing lots of questions but I am hoping it gets us all talking about what the library can be for each individual. ( I converted the slide show to a Quicktime movie in order to put it on the blog so it didn't export quite as clearly as the original. But you get the idea.)


  1. I love your slides and questions. I think they'll be great for the students to think about and discuss. As we think about how we design instruction for students and what they'll need to know in the 21st Century, teachers and library media specialists will need to ponder those same questions, too. Hope you have a great start to the year!

  2. Cool Franki!! I didn't know you had this in store for your kids. GReat way to start the year!


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