Wednesday, August 12, 2009

OK GO by Carin Berger

by Carin Berger
Greenwillow Books, 2009
ages 4-8 and beyond
I bought this review copy with my own money

In the spirit of the book Franki reviewed yesterday, LOVE YOUR WORLD, I thought I'd share OK GO.

There are exactly seven words in this book up until the point when you open the double gatefold final spread: go, uh oh, stop, screech, I know. These seven words and the illustrations that accompany them encapsulate the entire history of consumerism, spending, and the use of natural resources in industrially and economically developed countries.

Go: go faster, go more (use more, waste more, pollute more).

Uh Oh: some nations are to this point, others not so much.

STOP (and screech): what we need to do, either collectively or individually if we're going to save our planet.

I know: we're going to need to propose and try every possible creative solution to our environmental problems, including these (and more) that are found in the final spread:
  • Waste less, Jess
  • Catch a ride, Clyde
  • Roller-skate, Kate
  • Don't pollute, Man-in-a-Suit
We need to send Carin Berger to Capitol Hill and let her read her book to Congress. She doesn't shy away from big problems, she proposes a myriad of solutions, and she practices what she preaches: all of the collage illustrations in her book were made with recycled materials.

Better yet, let's read this book to our children. I'm pretty sure the optimism at the end of the book was meant for them.

Here's Carol's review, and here's 7-Imp's illustrator feature.

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