Friday, August 21, 2009

Poetry Friday -- A Lifetime of Reading

I Met a Dragon Face to Face
by Jack Prelutsky

I met a dragon face to face
the year when I was ten,
I took a trip to outer space,
I braved a pirate's den,
I wrestled with a wicked troll,
and fought a great white shark,
I trailed a rabbit down a hole,
I hunted for a snark.

I stowed aboard a submarine,
I opened magic doors,
I traveled in a time machine,
and searched for dinosaurs,
I climbed atop a giant's head,
I found a pot of gold,
I did all this in books I read
when I was ten years old.

Members of the Kidlitosphere,

Franki and I have started a Gallery for NCTE's National Day on Writing. Here is a description of our gallery:


Members of the Kidlitosphere are invited to submit stories from their reading lives. Your submission can be an anecdote from childhood, a recent experience around books or reading, a memory from school (good or bad), a vignette about learning to read, the impact of a particular book--anything about your life as a reader.

We are looking for a variety of short pieces (think blog post length) from anyone in the Kidlitosphere, including bloggers, authors, illustrators, readers of blogs, etc.

Our gallery is open to everyone who is a blogger, blog reader, author, illustrator, blog reader, blog commenter, etc.

Here is our gallery.

The Poetry Friday Round Up is at The Boy Reader this week.


  1. I did it! I just submitted my piece of writing. :)

  2. Great poem, and nice idea to start a gallery! I'll have to look for something appropriate or even write something new.

  3. I so missed this post last week. I must have been busy moving someone to college that weekend. :) Will be getting a post up soon for your gallery.


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