Monday, November 09, 2009

Another Great Lego Book: COOL CARS AND TRUCKS by Sean Kenney

I was thrilled to find one more LEGO book at the bookstore this weekend. This one is a small book for younger readers. It is called COOL CARS AND TRUCKS written by Sean Kenney, a Lego Certified Professional. (There are less than 10 of these in the world!) After reading about Sean and watching a videoclip in which he talks about the book, I am hoping he does more of these great books for kids.

This book is fun on many levels. So many interesting cars and trucks to look at. And I can see many kids starting to create some of these with the book as their guide. There are instructions in the book that help kids see the steps used to create the cars. The text is simple and the photos are up against a white background so you can clearly see the pieces that go into creating each vehicle. Between the book and Sean Kenney's website, I am again reminded about what is possible with Legos. I loved the Lego Book Set that I purchased a few weeks ago and the Lego Star Wars Book is definitely a popular one in the library. But this one is different. The other books share lots of great information, history, etc. But this new book by Sean Kenney really invites kids in on the process--these are things that kids can sit down and make and then hopefully revise based on their own ideas. A great addition to the few Lego books available.

There are several building options available to our students in the library this year. We have spent a lot of time talking about the library as a place that has a variety of tools for your learning. Legos are definitely in use most of the day and I continue to be amazed watching kids play and create with these. The conversations they have, the ideas they share, and the thinking they do continue to remind me how important these building tools are.


  1. I just recently found your blog, but I love what you're doing here. LEGOs reign supreme in our house, so I'll definitely be looking for this one.

    I'm sharing the blogger love today, so I've given you an award.

    Keep up the great work!

  2. Just bought 2 copies on amazon. One for a Christmas gift and one for the classroom!!

  3. both lego books are on the titlewave list! :) thanks for sharing.


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